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 Graph Complementing Essay

LAB # 1

Chart Matching

Guidelines of Physics I Lab

Breanna Wilhite


In this lab motion will be symbolized by graphs that plots distance and velocity or time. A motion metal detector will be used to measure the time it takes for a high frequency sound pulse traveling from the detector to an thing and back. By using this approach sound can determine the distance to the thing, or where it stands. This device will determine about what direction the woman in the video was jogging and how quickly she was walking. This information will be plotted on a graph and show the motion as the woman techniques, whether the lady speed up or slowed down. Logger Pro uses the change in position to calculate the object's velocity and acceleration. All of this details is in chart form. A qualitative examination of the charts of action will help you develop an understanding with the concepts of kinematics.


The motion of an subject can be measured using a motion detector. The detector assists with knowing where an object is usually according to the indication point. How quickly and in what direction an object is moving, and how an object is speeding up is necessary understand the kinematics graphs. The Motion metal detector uses pulses of ultrasound that bounces off of a subject to determine the situation of the person/object. As the individual moves, the change in where it stands is measured many times every second. The change in situation is portrayed as velocity (meters /second). The difference in velocity coming from moment to moment is usually expressed because acceleration (meters /second /second). The position associated with an object by a particular time is then plotted on a graph.


Logger Pro

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Methods, Procedures, and methods

Upon starting Logger Expert, the document labeled " Graph Match” was in that case opened in the sample films folder. When this data file was exposed, the video evaluation panel was then empowered. The " Set Scale” was found on the panel and pressed and a green collection was sucked from...