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 Reasons to Move Off-Campus Essay

here are many compelling reasons to move off-campus. Pretty much all of them can be cracked into seven main areas. 1) Expense

2) Flexibility

3) Space

4) Level of privacy

5) Wellness

6) No Res-Life Drama

7) Lifestyle Prep

I will go into even more detail on each of your below:


It can be high-priced to live upon campus. To start with, residential life/housing offices usually require that your invoice be paid in full with tuition which will most likely means a loan, which in turn while making single payment, will likely imply you are going to accumulate interest whilst paying for on-campus housing. Subsequently, in many scenarios you will be required to purchase a meal plan, one more expensive ticketed. If just like some learners, you have dietary restrictions, or perhaps schedule limitations, you may find that you will be paying for abnormal amounts of food outside of the meal program. This includes venturing out for foods and buying snacks since you aren't take advantage of the meals available with the meal program. Finally, should you break down the total amount you are paying for on-campus housing by dividing this by the volume of months you are staying there, you will find that it is a somewhat large determine. Yes, this figure does include your " rent" and utilities, but in many cases that still is still cheaper to have off grounds. Living off campus could be much cheaper if you discover a good house, or select a slightly more expensive apartment nevertheless add a roomie to split the costs, of course, if you are careful by what you use (utility-wise) and what you spend (on food). Freedom:

Most dormitories and college student housing features have many rules -- these often include restricted items (even things like increased temperatures plates! ), visitor hours and amounts, room checks, mandatory group meetings, etc . If you opt to live off campus, you in the end are responsible for your own personel rules. You will need to follow the rules, of course , but you have the independence to decide what you should include in your apartment, how it will be create, when to come and go, the number of persons you can...