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Do you ever wonder why pink symbolizes girls, and blue signifies boys? Suppose blue represented girls, and pink showed boys? It would be a difficult idea to grasp didn't it? I recently visited Toys-R-us in the city, and the utilization of gender codes is everywhere. From the moment you walk in you may have one half with the store focused on " young lady toys” as well as the other half committed to " young boys toys. ” The pink, blue, yellow, purple,  and green happen to be overwhelming when you start walking through the church aisle. The boys section of Toys-R-us was mostly in different colours of blue, green, brown and black. A lot of the toys happen to be gender toys, all types of sport balls, mini cars, wrestling characters, and toy guns. It had been interesting to find out that the sexuality toys wherever placed on the base shelves, such as the big plaything cars, hockey hoops, micro helicopters, and biochemistry and biology sets. The non gender code playthings where placed up high just like the puzzles, books, and Legos. Almost driving the kids attention to look, enjoy and wish take home the gender code toys. This is certainly once of the ways kids learn practices that go along with there genders. Gender code toys play a huge position in educating boys to be violent and competitive at a young age group. Violence can be taught to kids through the toy weapons. During my visit I noticed one kid was playing with a toy weapon in the aisle, he was sharing with his sister that he cant hang on to take the gun house and take everyone that walks by his house. After having fun with the weapon for a hour it was time for them to move the kid declined to leave the firearm alone. Crying and yelling that this individual has to have the toy weapon. Eventually his mom walked away, once his mommy was standing on the line to consider he hunted down her and was deceiving to take her. The limited boy was saying " She better get myself this gun or I will kill her” Toy guns are instructing boys to get violent for a young age. In the book Signs of Life in the united states there is a document by Aaron Devor " Gender Part Behaviors and Attitudes” and Devor identifies...