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Four Group of friends Model

Fabienne Dominique

Grand Canyon University or college EDA-661

06 10, 2015

Four Ring Model

In education educational institutions are always trying to find way to improve. One of the ways they try to improve is to match new methods and tactics that are supported by research. By utilizing research to help guide educational institutions progress, with any luck , that will enhance the school's weaknesses.. The Four Group Model is a foundational strategy that helps a school identify exactly what a school thinks, wants, and wishes to know and what the university actually truly does. For each part of this pattern there are advancements that can be made to improve curriculum. By figuring out improvements that may be made, the goal is usually to increase pupil academic achievements and making a successful program that many colleges and states will follow.

During the summer, at FONEM Elementary School the leadership panel meets plus the question is asked, " So what do we want? ” This is very important because that is where schools goals, come from. These goals all of us be identified and talked about amongst the management team which usually consist of the college administrators and the head stakeholders within the institution. Goals are established generally for scholar academic progress, school environment, and how we are able to have an optimistic impact on the community. At DASAR Elementary were successful with identifying what goals we would like to reach and what is essential to us as being a school. The stakeholders by ABC Primary know that many of our students, if perhaps not all live below the low income level. A specific area of improvement is offering/creating adult education classes to folks of the community after standard school hours. It is known that educational institutions are recognized and financed by community taxes, it also makes sense to also inform the community that is certainly helping educate the students in the community. It is well-known, that many of the parents from the students that attend HURUF Elementary school have not received their particular high school diploma or degree and many with the parents are illiterate. Knowing all this information HURUF Elementary must want to assist and provide the community through adult learning communities constructed within the university. Students are often in school from 8: 35-3: 05p. m. daily, pertaining to the different of Wednesdays, when most students keep at one particular: 50p. m. This will keep more than enough time for you to implement a powerful adult learning program. Simply by aiding in the needs in the community it will eventually strengthen the relationship between the school and community. The community is one of the most important stakeholders of the college and takes on an important function of a good school. This will also established a great case in point for the students.

The second step is for the school to believe the goals they have set in purchase for these goals to become a reality. At ABC Elementary, most stakeholders believe that the desired goals we have arranged as well as the electricity education offers people. What keeps stakeholders going may be the knowledge that later the ability to study, no matter how aged one can always be. It is now the perfect time to start employing some of the beliefs that the stakeholders have and ultimately instilling these beliefs in the faculty, staff, students, and community. The stakeholders and community ought to believe in marketing and applying all degrees of learning and never set every age limits to learning or education. By simply modeling these kinds of beliefs to any or all stakeholders it will eventually motivate and encourage all learners to perform over a higher level and challenge themselves.

Every school has their challenges and ABC Elementary school is no exemption. Some difficulties that FONEM Elementary experienced is basing everything for the standardized evaluation score, deficient some assurance in some instructors instructional procedures and delivery in the classroom, and never making ESE/ELL students a priority. At HURUF Elementary research is done about learning, which can be the most important body of research for educator to include into their...

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