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 Gas Stop Feasibility Article

I. Supervision Aspect

A. Form of the Business Ownership

The Gassoline stop is a alliance form of business that is possessed by five persons and managed by simply two persons, namely Mr. Neil Aldin Dano, and Mr. Indicate Anthony Progressive, Mr. Feo Quimbao, Mister. Daweng Zerpe and Mister. Arnel Espinosa.

M. Nature in the Business

The gassoline station will be offering the following petroluem and lube products; Petroluem:





C. Location

The Gassoline stattion will be located at Victoria, Tarlac Town. It will be stategivally located over the TPLEX (Tarlac, Pangasinan, La Union Exhibit WAy). To capture the requirements of travellers passing by expressway with regards to petroluem. Deb. Vision

Being an indispensable spouse in the quest of everyone whose life all of us touch E. Mission

We all deliver the affordable in products and services to our buyers. We conduct our business with admiration, integrity, and excellence All of us build programs to foster the environment and welfare of the communities we serve F. Objective

L. Organizational Chart

Figure one particular

The gassoline station are managed by Mr. Neil Aldrin Dano the director and Mister. Anthony Marxist the Manager. There are two rank positions are gassoline controller, and bookkeeper, The other job positions will be cashier and pump attendant. The gasolline station runs 24/7, regarding their schedule it will have three shifting each day. The initial shift is usually from 6am to 2pm then the up coming shift is from 2pm to 10pm and the previous shift is usually from 10pm to 6am. The security safeguard is the individual who will responsible for the safety with the station. The gassoline train station maintains that its list employees possess a technical attributes of in least a collge, as well as its subordinate employees to be at least high school graduate. Other quilification that is considered during screening process is a basic good meaningful character. I. Job descriptions


Gas Station Managers are responsible pertaining to day-to-day operations, ordering, scheduling, training, supervising employees, store image, earnings, all manageable expenses, labor, inventory, money, and shortages. They must decide stock requirements, interact efficiently with distributors and consumers, monitor acquiring goods, preserve inventory and minimize waste and pilferage. They must oversee and control all money. Gas Stop Managers need to plan, routine, supervise, and ensure that all Gas Station Family and friends adhere to store policies and procedures. Assistant Manager

Assists manager simply by performing related duties.


responsible for cashiering, collecting cash payments via customers and making modify, or recharging purchases to customers' credit cards and providing customers with receipts. Pump Attendants

They clean, acquire, and get rid of outside waste. They order stock, and price and shelve inbound goods, and offer assistance and customer service. 2. Marketing Factor

Every organization has its own approaches, technique and policies in order to increase and look after profit. Profer marketing and knowledge on the target markrt should think about and operate carefully. Concentrating on the custumers need and wants can be described as big subject. A. Gassoline Station Goods

The need for petroluem products accurately along the TPLEX is the project because of the many cars passing by simply and encourages peoples not only in traveling yet also in the transfortaion of goods and services. Gassoline Stop Petroluem Items:

Unleaded50. 05

Deisel 41. 50

Auto-Lpg25. 80

M. Target Market

The point Market would be the travelers of TPLEX (Tarlac, Pangasinan, La Union Express way) C. Marketing Program

The marketing program is merely statisfying buyers travels and transfortation of goods and solutions with disered price and quality of service environment. It has shown that the quiality of assistance environment is important for this form of business. D. Ways of promoting the business


- Regional radio train station

Publication in local news