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 Fruitvale Station Essay

Craig McKittrick

The Study of Movie theater and Episode in

Expressing Social Alter and Sociable Justice

HUSB 121/F1 McKay

Springfield School

June 2014

Name- The movie title can be " Fruitvale Station”

Venue Viewed- Dvd and blu-ray

Social Issue- Fruitvale place is a tale of a child with a earlier legal background getting in his way as he struggles to look for his identity. While planning to change his life this individual encounters unjust treatment as a result of a intense police force. Content- Oscar Scholarhip was a 25 year old Black male in the lead function of a theatre about his life and just how it tragically ended upon January 1, 2009. The movie frames the end of his life initial then it replays the previous 4 years to give background on who this kind of man was as a child and daddy to his four yr old girl. Oscar's time in jail for medicine charges are merely part of the make-up of his character. The director surely could show Oscar's change of direction after his release from prison while trying to right a few of the previous wrongs that he had to live down. This was captured as friends and family, friends and Oscar recognized while adoring his mothers' birthday. This kind of movie was based on an absolute story that happened in San Francisco A bunch of states in 2009. On a trip home after celebrating New Year's Eve, Oscar great fiancé, along with a lot of friends were riding the BART. On how home a fight engulfed on the educate and Oscar and his friends were engaged. The teach stopped in that case BART law enforcement officers grabbed Oscar and 3 of his friends to question all of them about the fight. Throughout the questioning a number of eye witnesses took video on mobile phones and this clearly lets you see the overzealous police and hear the crowd because they watched in disbelief during the confrontation Oscar and his friends received through the transit law enforcement. In the end one particular bullet in the back of Oscar, as well as the chaos that followed, noticeably show his tragic fatality while he attempted to go back home after a...