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 Essay about Flight Protection Checks

Summary of Cabin Crew

2 . 2 . 1/2. 2 . 2 Understand the Role of Cabin Staff in Guaranteeing

The Safety and Security of Passengers and Crew

Important legislation in Aviation security pre, and post air travel

When an airplane, already within a restricted place, is generated within service it must be checked to make sure that no not authorized persons and no prohibited content articles are on table of the plane. Cabin Crew should embark on the investigations on the next occasions: The first airline flight of the day

After arrival following passengers include disembarked

When is the aeroplanes stopping during the night

When there is a change in the Cabin Crew

Any of the suspicious items should also be inspected this could potentially endanger the aircraft, team and travellers; any left items simply by passengers could be identified and handed over towards the ground personnel.

Any members of the ground staff the aircraft needs to be clearly screen an identification card (ID).

Crew should be vigilant and challenge anyone attempting to board an plane without a obvious identification card.

Crew should be at the available aircraft entry doors to carry out this important protection checks.

Pre and Content Flight Cabin Crew Secureness Check-list

The inspections can be only carried out when there is none of the Surface Staff including cleaners, caterers or passenger on board from the aircraft. Checks under the voyager seats (including life clothes stowage) Couch pockets ought to be checked inside

Seats search for any blankets or pillows which should be relocated to check that they can be not hiding anything. Expense luggage lockers

Galley areas checks for virtually any suspicious items

Inside and around range

Empty stowage even lockers must be opened and checked

Toilets visible checks for any tempering and graffiti

Toilets cupboards and stowage needs to be checked

Lavatories waste bins and hot water heater access solar panels to be opened up and checked out Wardrobes, storage area cupboards and any other places that travellers might have a...