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 First day of high college essay

Jennifer Almonte Torres

Drive 12th, 2014

Ragati, Kindler

English IV

My 1st Day of High School

" Beep, Beep, Beep! ” 6: 00 A. M my noisy alarms was activated, it was coming back me to arrange and prepared personally for my personal first day of High School as a freshman student in Piscataway Vo – Tech High School. Dread, excitement, and all of these several emotions had been running through my head ?nternet site wondered how difficult high school would be, who I would take a seat with by lunch time or perhaps if I would be able to memorize my locker combination. My initially day of high school as a freshman pupil was incredibly stressful but I discovered something very important that will constantly help me in every area of your life; I should ask for help while i need it.

Getting off the bus after a quarter-hour of driving to the university, fear started taking over. I used to be walking next other college students and discovering all these different faces I had not seen ahead of in my life. " Good Morning Piscataway Vo – tech Secondary school. I am Mr. Patrick, the school principal. Welcome to your first working day of high school; all learners must be in their homeroom for important info they will acquire! Have a nice working day everyone. ” I panicked and that's while i really started to feel uncomfortable, I wanted to cry. " Oh My God! ” what am i not going to do today? I can't say for sure which homeroom I have to go to! ” – I thought to myself using a soft tone of voice. As I stood on a spot like a desolate person, I could see everyone with their friends most happy and excited going for walks comfortably smoothly to their homeroom. --- How come I did not ask for help?

I within a difficult second didn't just like bothering people or/ asking for help. Because moment as I stood in that corner, I truly had to request a student or maybe a teacher intended for help to guideline me to my homeroom because I actually didn't know where I had formed to go because it was my first day time, being a pupil coming from one more district and not knowing much English made it difficult to find my way. 30 minutes later--- the hallways were empty, My spouse and i still stood on that corner...