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 Essay upon Financial Overall performance Analysis





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My spouse and i SHIVA SHANKER PATIL (H. T. NO . 2356-11-672-031) in this article by pursuing M. B. A designed in Department of Business Administrations, KARUNA PG UNIVERSITY OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS, IBRAHIMPTNAM, that the job work eligible " MONETARY PERFORMANCE EXAMINATION AT MEERA DESIGNS ”HYDERABAD submitted to Osmania College or university, Hyderabad in partial completion of the requirements for the award of degree of GRASP OF ORGANIZATION ADMINISTRATION is benefited work done by myself under the direction of Mister. RAVI KUMAR, in Meters. B. A.

To the best of my expertise the work reported in this would not form component to any other thesis or focus on the basis that a degree or perhaps award was conferred on an earlier celebration.




I appreciate to Mr. RAVI KUMAR Faculty and internal information, Department of Business Managing, Karuna PG College Of COMPUTER APPLICATIONS for his kind assistance and who have as my guide allowed me to in completing my task work.

We am extremely grateful to Ms. Krishna Phani, Financial Manager & HR Supervisor in MEERA DESIGNS for the initiation they have given in the start of this project and their extended assistance in completion of this task.

. Shiva Shenkar


Economic statements are prepared for making decisions. They enjoy an important position to take strategic decisions for the development of business, and in creating framework of managerial decisions. Here Economical statements means Balance sheet, & Profit & loss air-conditioning, which shows the statistics of the firm, with that we can't help to make a conclusion on that.

We can attract a conclusion or come to a decision after studying the following • Cash Flow Claims

• Proportion Analysis

• Budgetary Control

Cash Flow Statements:

The cash stream statement is intended to

1 . Provide information on a firm' LiquidityВ andВ solvencyВ and its ability to changeВ cash flowsВ in long term circumstances. installment payments on your Provide info for considering changes in possessions, liabilities and equity. three or more. Improve the comparability of different firms' operating overall performance by eliminating the effects of differentВ accounting strategies. 4. show the amount, timing and likelihood of upcoming cash flows.

Ratio Research:

Financial ratios allow for evaluations

1 . among companies.

2 . between companies.

3. among different time periods for one firm.

4. between a single business and its market average.

Proportions generally are not useful except if they areВ benchmarkedВ against something else, like past functionality or another company. Thus, the ratios of firms in different industries, which face distinct risks, capital requirements, and competition usually are hard to compare.

Financial Control:

The controls and evaluate,

1 . To encourage selfВ­study in all aspects of the Company's operations, like Money Budget, Staff cost etc . 2 . To market the planning method and provide a sense of direction to each member of the business. 3. To disclose areas of potential improvement inside the...


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