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The Battle of Stone's Lake, also known as the Battle of Murfreesboro, was fought in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and was the 8th costliest battle of the Detrimental War. The battle occurred on Dec 26th, 1862 through January 5th, 1863; the Union declared victory on January 5th, but the bloodiest parts of the battle took place on December 31st through January 2nd. Although the Confederate Military services seemed to have upper hand at first of the battle because that they attacked 1st, inflicting hefty casualties for the Union area, the Union Army eventually won the Battle of Stone's River after pushing the Confederate troops back at Stone's River, persuasive them to escape from Murfreesboro, and allowing for the Union to gain control over Tennessee intended for the Union army, which usually boosted well-being for the Emancipation Aveu as well as the Union soldiers; demonstrating the importance of each side's personality throughout the battle.

The Confederate military services was led by Basic Braxton Bragg, and was also called the Army of Tennessee. Underneath Bragg had been Lieutenant Basic Leonidas Polk, Lieutenant General William T. Hardee, and Lieutenant General Joseph Wheeler. The Union army was led simply by General William S. Rosecrans, and was also called the Army of the Cumberland. Beneath Rosecrans were Major Generals Alexander Meters. McCook, George H. Thomas, and Thomas L. Crittenden. Similar to the fight of Shiloh, at the beginning of the battle, the Confederates acquired the upper hand, and killed thousands of Union soldiers, but a number of days later, the Union prevailed. On the Confederate side, approximately 37, 000 soldiers fought and on the Union side, there are 44, 1000. The challenge was battled in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

When ever General Braxton Bragg had been defeated at Perryville in Kentucky, his army retreated to Murfreesboro, TN to get the winter; his army was renamed the Tennessee Military. On Dec 26th, General William Rosecrans moved his army by Nashville to Bragg's armed service at Murfreesboro in 3...