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 Field Survey Essay

Assignment 2: Field Study of Untamed Goose Work

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Field studies are an essential requirement concerning guarding natural surroundings as well focusing on how an ecosystem functions. Choice to do my own field review on Wild Goose Forest located in the University of Guelph's Arboretum. The Verger was founded inside the early 70's and is rolling out into numerous botanical landscapes, walking paths and conservation programs. Management Information

The Arboretum is publically been able by the School of Guelph. Although there is simply no private control it is still maintained by Director- Teacher Shelly Hunt- a forest ecologist in the School of Environmental Sciences (SES). Together with Professor Search, over 100 volunteers from your University plus the Guelph community maintain this site. The Boisement has over 8 kms of trail over a period of 410 acres. There are numerous trails such as the Trillium Trek, the Ivey Trail, Steve McCrea Trek and Outrageous Goose Woods. Wild Goose Woods is actually a 1 . a few kilometer trek which follows a single path or boardwalk which allows backpackers to walk through the wetlands and taller grasses located within. Ethnic Features

As I walked through Wild Goose Woods and several of the other paths of the Arboretum I had taken notice to several different uses. The first thing that immediately trapped my interest was the many groups of running joggers that regularly kept on moving by my personal side. Choice that the Boisement was a perfect place to walk because of its various long turbulent gravel pathways coupled with the various sights and sounds of nature. Alongside joggers, I saw numerous people (mostly couples) holding hands and walking all their dogs. We also took notice to numerous man-made features as I done my field research. Soon after entering Crazy Goose Timber I noticed a tiny shelter made out of enormous tree divisions and aged tree logs. The trails that run throughout the Arboretum and so are with playground benches,...

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