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St . Jones Aquinas

AKA Thomas Aquinas

Given birth to:  1225

Birthplace:  Roccasecca, Southwest florida, Italy

Passed away:  7-Mar-1274

Position of fatality:  Monastery of Fossanova, Sonnino, Italy

Reason for death:  Illness

Remains:  Buried, Sant'Eustorgio, Milan, Italy

Male or female:  Male

Religion:  Roman Catholic

Race or perhaps Ethnicity:  White

Occupation:  Religion,  Philosopher

Nationality:  Italy

Exec summary:  Catholicism's leading theologian

St . Thomas Aquinas, or perhaps Thomas of Aquin or Aquino, scholastic philosopher, referred to as Doctor Angelicus, Doctor Universalis, was of noble ancestry, and almost allied to many of the noble houses of Europe. He was born in 1225 or perhaps 1227, at Roccasecca, the castle of his dad Landulf, count of Aquino, in the areas of Southwest florida. Having received his elementary education with the monastery of Monte Cassino, he analyzed for half a dozen years on the University of Naples, leaving it in the sixteenth 12 months. While there this individual probably received the effect of the Dominicans, who were performing their utmost to recruit within their rates high the ablest young scholars of the grow older, for despite the resistance of his family, that was overcome only by the input of Pope Faithful IV, he assumed the habit of St Dominic in his 17th year. His superiors, discovering his great aptitude to get theological research, sent him to the Dominican school in Cologne, exactly where Albertus Magnus was lecturing on beliefs and theology. In 1245 Albertus was called to Paris, and there Aquinas followed him, and continued to be with him for three years, at the end which he managed to graduate as bachelors of theology. In 1248 he went back to Perfume with Albertus, and was appointed second lecturer and magister studentium. This year may be taken as the beginning of his literary activity and general public life. Prior to he left Paris he had thrown himself with ardor into the controversy raging between the university plus the Friar-Preachers improving the liberty of teaching, resisting the two by messages and pamphlets the specialists of the university; and when the dispute was referred to the pope, the youthful Aquinas was decided to defend his order, which will he do with this sort of success regarding overcome the arguments of Guillaume para St . Archer, the champ of the university or college, and one of the celebrated men of the day. In 1257, along with his good friend Bonaventura, having been created doctor of theology, and began to give methods of lectures after this subject in Paris, and also in Rome and other towns in Italy. Using this time onwards his your life was one among incessant toil; he was constantly engaged in the active service of his order, was frequently venturing upon extended and tedious journeys, and was constantly consulted upon affairs of state by reigning pontiff. In 1263 we find him at the part of the Dominican order saved in London. In 1268 he was lecturing today in The italian capital and now in Bologna, even while engaged in people business of the church. In 1271 he was again in Paris, lecturing to the learners, managing the affairs in the church and consulted by king,  Louis VIII, his kinsman, about affairs of state. In 1272 the commands in the chief of his order and the demand of Full Charles helped bring him back to the professor's chair for Naples. This time having been preaching daily, writing homilies, disputations, classes, and getting time to work harder at his great work the Summa Theologiae. These kinds of rewards as the house of worship could bestow had been wanted to him. He refused the archbishopric of Naples as well as the abbacy of Monte Cassino. In January 1274 having been summoned by Pope Gregory X to attend the council organised at Lyons, to investigate and if possible negotiate the differences between the Greek and Latin church buildings. Though affected by illness, he at once define on the quest; finding his strength failing on the way, he was carried to the Cistercian monastery of Fossa Nuova, inside the diocese of Terracina, in which, after a lurking illness of seven weeks, he died on the 7th of 03 1274.  Dante (Purgatorio, XX 69) asserts that...


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