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 External Analysis Research Paper

External assessment

Personal, governmental and legal causes:

* Political forces

As the existing situation in Egypt is not steady and there is a whole lot of politics issues that influence directly the organization in Egypt, also the revolution plus the security instability, and the decrease in the Egyptian pound price which influence negatively the values in Egypt all of this is a threat intended for the center while the customer figures decline and the prices increase, and it is difficult to prediction the business situation in the short term. 2. Governmental regulation

Important opportunities and threats for the center

There isВ alwaysВ changeВ in governmentВ regulationsВ whichВ createВ opportunitiesВ andВ threatsВ also. В ForВ example, Anti-trust legislationВ whereВ thereВ is anВ effortВ toВ banВ the monopolies. В SomeВ organizationsВ thinkВ that Monopolies should beВ banned. В Similarly, taxВ ratesВ andВ lobbyingВ effortsВ forВ special

1) Tax price: as there is not stability in Egypt, and so there is no stableness in the tax rate therefore the center and a lot of business can't say for sure how to retain balance between your prices as well as the taxes so they can gain a few profit. 2) Patent legislation: also the center provide a lot of special providers that isn't served in other educational center, but as the patent laws in Egypt are extremely difficult and still have a lot of process , nor protect the organization so this is known as a threat as well as the center can't clear all their competitive positive aspects.

Technology pushes

Technology is a business enabler that has revolutionary impact on the actual carry out of business. It plays a role in achieving ideal business production and effectiveness. The Internet what used to be impossibility in instantaneous global communication has become a cold fact and a great urgent need for every business in order to be successful. The Internet, which includes its web commerce and social networking adjuncts, continues to change the mother nature of options and hazards in business. It alters product life cycles, raises distribution...