Try things out 4a

 Experiment 4a Essay

Experiment 4A – Counting Atoms in a Reaction


The purpose of this kind of lab should be to create a great experiment exactly where zinc acts with hydrochloric acid to find out the number of moles and atoms of zinc reacted. This can be achieved by weighing the sample before and after the reaction with hydrochloric chemical p. Data:


Mass in grams (g)

Initial mass of dry beaker

49. 37

First mass of dry beaker + zinc

51. 03

Initial mass of zinc

1 . sixty six

Final mass of beaker + zinc

50. forty

Final mass of dry out beaker

49. 36

Final mass of zinc

1 . 04


We placed the zinc inside the beaker and little by little poured the hydrochloric chemical p into the beaker. As soon as the acidity entered the beaker, there is a tantalizing sound and bubbles started to kind as we add more of the element in. If the bubbles were forming, we're able to see a heavy steam of gas coming out of the beaker. Following 10 minutes, all of us noticed components of zinc had been floating over the hydrochloric acid and lining the beaker. I lifted the beaker and felt the underside and that felt nice, which supposed the reaction was still happening. Following 20 a few minutes, we added water into the zinc and hydrochloric chemical p to stop the reaction and we seen a slight cloudy colour (still clear) developing as we little by little pour water in the beaker. Calculations and Analysis:




4) Big difference in answer could be the several initial masses of zinc, just how accurate upon measuring the hydrochloric acid solution, and computation errors.

Followup Questions:

1) The reason why the response started very slowly after that increased after having a few minutes is basically because the hydrochloric acid has to first melt the safety layer that coats zinc. As the layer dissolves, more steel is subjected to the acid, therefore it begins to behave.

2) In the event that twice the mass of zinc were chosen for this experiment, the reaction can be faster and the mass of zinc that reacted might increase. This kind of occurs because of the larger area...


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