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 Investment Insurance plan Statement Essay

Investment Plan Statement

By Vikrant Sethi (2012D12)

1 . Introduction and Background Information in the Investor

Mister. Jagdish Narain Wahal (my grandfather) is known as a retired ex general director at Hindustan Petroleum. This individual retired when justin was 60. He could be now seventy eight years old.

This individual wants to spend Rs. five lakhs to earn a bit extra income for funding trips to meet children who live abroad.

His current assets are as follows:

a) Fixed Deposits

Bank| Amount| Period Period| Expiration of Lock-In Period| Interest Rate| Asian Bank of Commerce| 15 L| 3yrs| Aug 2014| 9. 5%| ICICI| 20 L| 4yrs| May 2014| 9. 25%

SBI| 20 L| 3yrs| Aug 2014| 9. 5%

Total amount in FDs id Rs. 55 D

b) Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund| Amount Spent

Reliance Mutual Fund| a few L

Templeton Mutual Fund| 5 T

Total Amount in mutual funds is 10 L

c) Property in Faridabad

Market Value Rs. 10-11cr.

d) Equity

6 Lakhs in blue chips like RIL, ONGC, RIL.

e) Annuity in LIC

Rs. 7500 per month

f) Medical insurance looked after by ex-employer, Hindustan Petroleum. No repayment is required.

Rough monthly cash flow per month which includes from shared fund, gross from value, interest from FD is definitely 70, 1000.

2 . Requirements

His short-term lifestyle requirements are a month to month income of Rs. 50000 per month and Rs. 3 lakh each year that are instructed to buy resources and financing a trip to the united states to meet kids.

He's clearly certainly not interested regarding long term purchase planning as he is outdated, and youngsters are well off.

Risk Hunger:

The emergency requirement of medical emergencies for him self and spouse is cared for by his ex-employer by using an actuals basis.

Even though he has a fortune of roughly Rs. 12cr including every investments and most of them are the liquid enough to become encashed when ever required he's not enthusiastic about risky investments at all( he wasn't able to quantify) as they has worked hard to reach current net worth...