Evil Composition
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AmandaВ VitaleВ

OctoberВ 21, В 2014В В

NegronВ 12RВ

Bad.. В WhatВ isВ it? В WhereВ doesВ itВ comeВ from? В AreВ weВ allВ evil? В EvilВ isВ anВ intentionalВ actionВ toВ hurtВ someoneВ else. В ThereВ areВ manyВ differentВ theoriesВ whereВ evilВ mayВ comeВ from, В andВ manyВ formsВ ofВ evil. В CyberbullyingВ andВ animalВ abuseВ isВ consideredВ constantВ wicked, В itВ hasВ beenВ goingВ onВ forВ years. В IВ believeВ thatВ bothВ cyberbullyingВ andВ animalВ abuseВ canВ beВ eliminatedВ byВ manyВ differentВ ways. В В

Cyberbullying can be considered very evil because of what it becomes.  Since cyberbullying is very common it leads to suicides in most cases.  What most people say online,  they do not have the will to say in person so they make themselves look dominant over the internet.  Cyberbullying can be eliminated if people are aware of what goes on on social sites,  many people don't how to react when getting cyber bullied and they don't know how common it actually is,  so it is very important to speak up if you or you know someone who is getting cyber bullied.  ​

When it comes to ​

cyberbullying, ​


are often motivated by anger,  revenge or frustration.  Sometimes they do​  ​

itВ forВ

entertainmentВ orВ becauseВ theyВ areВ boredВ andВ haveВ tooВ muchВ timeВ onВ theirВ handsВ andВ tooВ manyВ techВ toysВ availableВ toВ them. В ManyВ doВ itВ forВ laughsВ orВ toВ getВ aВ reactionВ andВ iВ believeВ thatВ isВ consideredВ veryВ evil. В В

AnimalВ abuseВ isВ alsoВ veryВ evil. В NoВ animalВ atВ allВ deservesВ toВ beВ treatedВ horribly. В MostlyВ dogsВ andВ catsВ areВ foundВ abandonedВ byВ theirВ ownersВ andВ theirВ ownersВ willВ beatВ themВ whenВ theyВ don'tВ listen. В ItВ isВ alwaysВ importantВ toВ reportВ anyВ timeВ youВ thinkВ thereВ

may be abuse.  ​

IfВ youВ haveВ pets, В beВ sureВ toВ alwaysВ showВ themВ theВ loveВ andВ goodВ careВ theyВ deserve. В ButВ it'sВ moreВ thanВ justВ food, В water, В andВ adequateВ shelter. В IfВ youВ thinkВ yourВ animalВ isВ sick, В bringВ themВ toВ theВ veterinarian. В YouВ shouldВ alwaysВ teachВ kidsВ theyВ toВ beВ niceВ toВ animals, В ifВ theyВ growВ upВ watchingВ theirВ parentsВ orВ anyoneВ hitВ animalsВ theyВ willВ...


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