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Today I'm going to talk about situations in Lithuania on January 13, 1991. This date in my region is known as a resistance to the Soviet Union oppression. Firstly, I'm going to present you the cruelest situations of January 13th. Persons got scared when the Soviet tanks and soldiers encircled the TV tower in Vilnius. Tanks drove straight through lines of people gathered around the building. Nobody realized how this kind of attack would definitely end. With this day many people were hurt and 14 Lithuanians were killed by Soviet armed service. All victims, except the soldier, had been awarded the Order from the Cross of Vytis because they heroically defended Lithuania's freedom and independence. Subsequently, I'm going to present my family's memories about these events. During these events mother and father were young than I am at this point. They were just sixteen years of age and they remember almost nothing relating to this day. My personal mother has said to me that she wasn't scared since she failed to know how severe it was. Yet , my grandmother remembers these events quite nicely. She has believed to me that she started worrying the moment her husband, my grand daddy, didn't come back at home promptly. She thought that all something took place to him and was very treated when he finally came back healthier at home. Finally, I'm going to talk about how January 13th can be mentioned in Lithuania. Within this day yearly various occasions are organized in order to exclusive chance all people who defended Lithuania's freedom and remember almost all victims. About events of January 13th we can also hear during the news in order to find out more about this from exceptional TV shows or documental films. This day is additionally mentioned in my school. As an example, this year during the first lessons Math educator lighted a candle and showed us a brief video concerning this day occasions. To sum up, I'd say that January 13th needs to be important for just about every Lithuanian because it symbolizes the nation's handle and flexibility of our nation. These situations showed us that we can safeguard our freedom without...