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 Ethnic and Religious Turmoil in Nigeria Essay

Analysis of the challenges of faith and racial on political stability in Nigeria's 4th republic (1999-2011) INTRODUCTION

History to the Research

Basically, Nigeria is a dual society and heterogeneous in virtually all the facet of life. The personalized and tradition of Nigerians is so different to the magnitude that Nigeria as a country is now confronted with the problem of religion and ethnicity towards all their political balance. The origin and history of ethnic conflict (societal wars and violence) could be traced from eternal (internal) state rivalry to external (physical). And its root cause can be not very definately not power competition and making decisions over economical resources and also other important individual factor, just like position. The implementation method has usually involved multiple or two individuals. In general concept, the author of the work records conflict returning to the 1st and early Patriarchal of human history and ever since then, there has been a rise (in various dimensions) of Conflict in the face of human world. Some are personal (internal) conflict, family, community, and group, intellectual, condition, national and international in nature, to say but handful of. In conforming to this thought, Badawi (2006) in his statement titled " World Apart” stated hence, " certainly the greatest discord today is one of the descendants of Abraham. They are the people of the book, the followers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, who had in fact shared a common beginning in the religion of Abraham”. In shedding even more light in the above statement, Badawi declaration goes much beyond religious beliefs, rather, he was tracing one of many earliest source of conflict which will Badawi stated the off-springs of the stated Abraham. Could Abraham, generally there had been turmoil, so it is while old while human history into the Abrahamic period, to ancient kingdoms, Dukes, and Kings. In about 88 B. C., King Mithriadates VI of Pontus occupied Roman terrain in Oriental Minor. This individual advised Oriental debtors to kill their very own Roman credit card companies. Happy to decrease their credit card debt, the Asians massacred 85, 000 Romans. Ethno-political clashes have tremendously shaped each of our present community and of course include its structural phenomenon, (William Easterly, 2001). For instances, the issue we now contact Israeli and Palestinian battle, has been an ever-lengthening form. The Assyrian, Babylonian warfare, by Full Nebuchadnezzar from the hanging Backyard in history, the Persia warfare, Alexander the truly great (the Macedonian mad man in history), the German war of Adolf's Hitler, the Both roman wars, reducing all these down, we came to the car horn of African continent which in turn seem to be an epidemic field of issues of varied kinds till date. The giant-lion of African region, just like the origins of discord is said to obtain stated extremely old in human history, however in the case of Nigeria, which can be followed to the colonial period of record. Conflict will take different sizes and shapes with diverse factors and purposes. Majority of the conflicts takes time before their escalation including such, might have been transformed right at their particular early stages. The of racial and cultural conflicts in Nigeria is likewise traced returning to the colonial transgressions that forced the ethnic groups of the upper and southern provinces to get an entity called Nigeria in 1914. In the case of Nigeria situation, troubling history of colonialism, this made hatred and conflict amongst different ethnic groups. The job of responding to this seedling of discord planted by the British has been a complex 1. After weakening the former varied kingdoms, Emperors, etc today called Nigeria and reordering the groups' politics, the colonial power failed in nation building and featuring for the people's fundamental needs. Consequently, unemployment, poverty increase, and due to these types of, conflict more than scarce methods ensue. The Southern and Northern protectorates were also being amalgamated into a nation. Afterwards, the blending of different groupe into one...