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Business Q's Frame of mind toward Interpersonal Responsibility

The existing attitude of Company Q represents a temperament that is out of date and benefits the business owners and shareholders. Instead of having an attitude that might be beneficial to their customers, it actually is showing an absence of concern to them. By closing stores in a " highercrime-rate area” the business may include added even more negative influences to that area of the city. To say that the closures were due to " regularly losing money” and to certainly not provide any extra reason could leave the general public to believe they are no longer respected by the firm which could cause additional adverse attitudes for the company since they may no more want to shop at any of Company Q's locations. Leaving an area of your city based on high crime rates and justifying it to profit losses shows the businesses lack of interpersonal responsibility for an area that is already experiencing difficulties and provide the community the concept the company is merely concerned about earnings. In addition , for several years customers have got requested organic and natural and health conscience products and finally Business Q has started to offer a limited selection of these products. However , these products are substantial margin items again gaining the company's revenue and not automatically looking for precisely in the best interest in the company's principal stakeholders (customers). Another region that Organization Q falls short of in social responsibility is made for the community's economic requires. Area food banks have requested that Company Queen donate it is day-old items for use to individuals in need. Firm Q decided to go with not to give these items and instead has chosen to throw them away citing worries of lost earnings due to robbery or fraud. The company felt that it would be possible for its employees to steal these items for themselves while claiming they were basically for charite to the foodstuff banks. You can actually attitude toward its own...