Enzymology Essay


This page looks at the way that rate constants vary with temperature and activation energy as proven by the Arrhenius equation. [pic]

Note: В If you aren't sure what a level constant is, you should see the page regarding orders of reaction prior to going on. This kind of present page is at the hard end from the rates of reaction work on this site. In case you aren't moderately confident about the basic costs of reaction work, explore the prices of reaction menu first. [pic]

The Arrhenius equation

Rate constants and price equations

You can remember that the interest rate equation for a reaction between two chemicals A and B looks like this: [pic]


Take note: В If you don't remember this, you must look at the page regarding orders of reaction before you go on. Utilize BACK key on your browser to return to this page. [pic]

The interest rate equation reveals the effect of fixing the concentrations of the reactants on the charge of the response. What about the rest of the things (such temperature and catalysts, pertaining to example) which in turn also transform rates of reaction? In which do these fit into this kind of equation? They are all included in the so-called charge constant -- which is simply actually constant if all you are changing is the concentration of the reactants. If you change the temperature or the catalyst, for instance , the rate continuous changes. This really is shown mathematically in the Arrhenius equation.

The Arrhenius equation


What the various icons mean

Starting with the easy types...

Temperature, T

To fit into the equation, this has to be meaured in kelvin. The gas constant, Ur

This is a constant which usually comes from a great equation, pV=nRT, which relates the pressure, volume and temperature of your particular quantity of moles of gas. This turns up in all sorts of not likely places! Account activation energy, EA

This is the lowest energy needed for the reaction to occur. To fit this kind of into the equation, it has to be indicated in joules per gopher - not really in kJ mol-1.


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