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 Environmental Essay

Environmental protection and economic development have become foes in recent years. We all know that they are all are important. But we often can't strike a balance together. Some people support the belief that economic development should never be on the cost of environmental surroundings, whereas numerous others are from the opinion that economic advancement is the most important, no matter how much that costs. In my view, environmental security is much more significant than economical development. Thus we should provide an overwhelming priority to environmental protection. First and foremost, environmental security is the dependence on sustainable creation. We all know the fact that resources nowadays are limited, and individual is those limited methods in a rapid pace and destroying the planet seriously. If we destroy environmental surroundings, we is going to commit against the law to the foreseeable future generations. Thus we should affix importance to environmental protection in order to keep a better liveable space to our foreseeable future generations. Besides, environmental protection is the dependence on the buy of nature. Owing to the overlook of protecting the environment, we have experienced much abuse from character. For example , land resources are dwindling because of the industrial advancement and the growth of towns. Rivers and lakes will be polluted because of the largely waste materials which comes from factories. Deserts are dispersing because of the neverending cutting. Air flow and normal water supplies will be polluted because of the poisonous gas and water. So if we like to own a better and more comfortable life for ourselves devoid of pollution and disasters, we should protect kinds of living conditions. Moreover, environmental protection may promote the rise of our national economy in such a way. If the natural environment is good enough, our overall economy will have a great condition to develop and will develop rapidly. The rapid development will attract many foreign buyers to invest profit our region, which will...