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 Environmental Research Essay

Environmental scanning is actually a strategy which the companies have to use in so that it will analyze fresh opportunities and changes. The knowledge sources of environmental analysis data allow the businesses to assume to situations and plan for the future and anticipate alterations. Comcast has to understand the 3 main external environment elements comprised of the remote, industry and the operating environment. The remote environment is made of external factors wherever these factors have a lot of control over the wire industry nevertheless where the business has tiny control over these people. The factors can be macroeconomic variables which include GDP, unemployment, inflation, rates of interest. The industry environment part allows Comcast offers to analyze the expansion in the industry's sales throughout a period, the need of the industry's products, stage of progress the industry's producst and the operating surroundings will permit to evaluate factors such as competitor's prices, user's demands, preferences, buying practices, the company's supervision capabilities, and availability of staff Telecommunication industry – Cable connection Companies

Comcast offers is one of the largest cable business in the USA. The primary three segments include cable television, programming and company. Comcast's wire segment manages and operates broadcast cable connection systems which include video on demand, high definition television (HDTV), digital online video recorder (DVR), premium route programming and pay-per view programming. The cable portion covers about 45. several million homes in the US.

The company recorded revenues of $24, 966 million through the fiscal year ended December 2006, a growth of 18. 5% over 2005. Out from the total revenue of the organization, the wire division documented revenues of $24, 100 million, which in turn there is a growth of 20. 6% over 2005 (DataMonitor, 2007).

Macroeconomic variables that affect cable's industry

The cable market can be reviewed in terms of the growth in genuine output and prices. The...

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