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At present the environmental security becames one of the many problems. As a result of development of specialized knowlidge, we are using increasingly more natural and sinthetical materials. Often we want only to produce our existence easier, although we don't believe of the next consequence. Likewise we can pick one fridge within a flat, but the result of place be the ozone part depletion and teh increas of the conditions int he whole universe. Our caring for the comfortable lifestyle causes pollution and destroyes our health. Int he city the children aren't play in the recreational areas because they are incredibly dirty. Many of these are full of grande. Connected with the introduction of production all of us forget the danger of running low on the options. However in specialized way we could filter these kinds of dangerous toxic gases. In the agriculture we all use excessive certificial fertilizers that we consume with our nurrition and pets or animals do these too. Animal food consist of numerous poisons that acquire nito our body. We understand these negative effects only some years later. Not only the prude but the oceans and oceans hide a few risks for the environment per. More and more tankers transport essential oil and gas from one place to the additional one and meanwhile it might sprind a leak ( to spring a drip – léket kap a hajó) and the content includes the sourface of the drinking water. Fish can't get enough oxigene and the wings of birds become vasted with oil, and therefore they can not take flight. People ruin the rain-forests because of earnings and they don't deal with new plantations. We could list this sort of examples for a long period, but the responsibility of people is the most important.