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п»їThe dissenting voice offers challenges to existing principles and beliefs, and may not be silenced inspite of opposite viewpoints and implications that may adhere to. Dissenting sounds clearly share dis-satisfaction, contempt and give up hope for the way in which society has been run and handled. That they propose the faults in everyday life, by making use of behaviour, decisions, and sometimes precise acts. The voice of dissent features expressed on its own throughout period, in many different ways, such as Charles Perkins as well as the freedom voyages, highlighting the marginalisation of Indigenous Australians. The character structured dissent inside the texts of Romeo and Juliet by simply Shakespeare and Catcher Inside the Rye simply by J. M Salinger can be expressed, even though in different amounts of time. The upper course society that both the heroes of Holden Caulfield and Juliet Capulet live in, clearly show the dependence on a diverge in the tradition of society. Holden Caulfield is a troubled, yet exclusive young man, who's post conflict period design of living, provides forced him to notice and take action upon the faults in his contemporary society. The functions expected by simply young people with this context is placed and organised, with no space for individuality. Romeo and Juliet relates to this novel in that they are dissenting against their culture and the sights and targets that come along with this. They are both staying pushed to their roles, without any explanation, specifically Juliet Capulet, who being a women, has a greater ought to cast her dissent. Both these texts demonstrate voice of dissent, and how societal roles highlight the need to resist authority. The dissenting voices of Romeo and Juliet obstacle their upper class world, and expectations. In a world where masculinity and patriarchal landscapes take rule. The subconscious expression of their love conveys the changes in values necessary. Emulating the Elizabethan age, Romeo and Juliet shows the splits in society, and impact on a change in perspective to occur. The main persona of Juliet is a significant...