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 English Is known as a Crazy Dialect Essay




Rapport, New HaITIpshire

The The english language language may be the ITIost extensively spoken in the history of the earth. The English language features acquired the biggest vocabulary plus the noblest literature in the history of the hUITIan race.

Nevertheless, English can be described as crazy language.

In the crazy English terminology there is no chausser in butterITIilk, no haITI in haITIburger, and no cottages in cottage cheese (especially low or non fat). To add to the inВ­ state of mind, blackboards could be green, popular dogs can be cold, darkrooITIs can be lighted, and silverware can be plastic-type.

In the strange English language a titITIouse is not just a ITIouse, worITIwood contains not worITIS neither wood, and bathrooITIs often donI big t have virtually any baths in theITI. In fact , a bathrooITI isn't always a room seeing that a dog can go to the bathroOITI under a shrub.

In thi s wild tongue that we try to speak a WOITIan can ITIan a place but a ITIan will it WOITIan one. A ITIan can dad a moveITIent, but a woITIan can 't ITIother one. And a king rules a kingdoITI, but a full can't regulation a queendoITI.

English is a crazy terminology.

A writer is definitely SOITIeone who writes, and a stinger is something which stings. Nevertheless fingers don't fing, corner shop don1t groce, haITImers avoid haITI, and hUITIdingers no longer humding. In case you rang a bell yesterday, why aren't we declare you also ВЈlang a ball? If you wrote a notification, why won't be able to we admit you also imite you ur tongue?

In this zany terminology of our bait 1'1 can care less" really ITIeans II We couldn ' t give a flying fuck, II 2 I actually fell over with surprise" reallyITIeans " We figuratively dropped over with surprise, 11 a near miss is really a near hit, to put on one you s sneakers and clothes really ways to put on 1 I h socks and shoes, to get head over pumps in appreciate really way to be pumps over head in like, to go back and forth actually means to move forth and back, also to do sOITIething ass backwards really means to do it butt frontwards. SometiITIes you have to think that all English language...