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Elodea, also known as Elodea Canadensis, or waterweeds, lives favorably underwater. You can find Elodea mainly in natural seas in America such as ponds, rivers, or lakes. Elodea has widened all over the world as well, particularly in Europe. This kind of aquatic herb multiplies rapidly and expands in a variety of conditions and surroundings, which is why it's considered a weed. Elodea is often used in aquariums to stabilize the oxygen stability. It's a fierce photosynthetic making it easy to measure the changes in carbon dioxide. In this try things out, the effects of the natural photosynthesis and respiration of Elodea caused by diverse temperatures were studied. All of us used 3 different conditions, room temperature, cold, and warm in three storage units with elodea submerged in water condensed with LASER in order to start to see the increase or decrease in photosynthesis and breathing over a period of sixty minutes. We as well had 1 beaker with water saturated with LASER with no elodea as each of our control. Excess weight of Elodea and quantity of drinking water saturated with CO2 had been measured in the experiment as well to ensure reliability. After the period of sixty minutes we all added drops of NaOH to equivalent the amount of carbonic acid with CO2. The results proven there was an excellent decrease in CO2 produced rather than the elodea submerged in warm and room temperature water.


Elodea frequently gets mistaken for many plant life. Algae often get confused with elodea because of the similarities of their appearances. Elodea is definitely an aquatic macrophyte; they can be essential to the balance of these refuge like fish ponds or rivers because that they produce oxygen that is released to the drinking water (Siena, 2011). Many things just like fish or perhaps decaying vegetation produce carbon in these streams or rivers. Other crops can cause the growth to decrease due to competition pertaining to CO2 (Asta, 2011). Elodea can survive in numerous different conditions which is the purpose of this experiment to determine if the...

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