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 Electoral Approaches Essay

п»ї" Congress: The Electoral Connection"

In Our elected representatives: The Electoral Connection, David Mayhew checks the activities that members of the United States Congress participate in, particularly those activities which have been related to re-election. In his analysis, Mayhew pinpoints three basic activities which have been pervasive over the United States Congress, those becoming advertising, credit claiming, and position taking. These 3 activities, completely, are considered into high consideration by a politician that may be seeking to be re-elected. With regards to examining the behaviors of politicians running for re-election, Mayhew's examination is plausible, since his observations can be applied throughout the political range any time frame. The initial activity that lots of members states Congress participate in is marketing. Mayhew identifies advertising while " any effort to disseminate a person's name between constituents in that fashion concerning create a favorable image but also in messages having little or no issue content” (Mayhew, 1974). In advertising, the greatest goal to get a member of the usa Congress is usually to create a great identity amongst constituencies in order to become more widely identified. Among other things which a member of the us Congress may advertise will be personal features, according to Mayhew. These kinds of personal features may require a politician's " knowledge, knowledge, responsiveness, concern, sincerity, independence, as well as the like” (Mayhew, 1974). Political figures that make a concerted effort in using the technique of advertising will not only become popular amongst all their constituencies, but have an upper hand when it comes to re-election. A politician that I believe that skillfully perfected the art of promoting throughout their particular political profession was Larry McDonald. McDonald, a former Democratic representative by Georgia (1975-1983), managed to always be re-elected four times through his unsuccsefflull congressional career. Throughout his re-elections, McDonald made a name...

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