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 Electoral College POL201 Week 3 Composition

The Electoral College is actually a collection of 538 votes that could determine who have the next Director is. This 538 may be the same number of Senators and representatives in Congress combined. The 538 votes will be devided among the states depending on the population of every state, although each point out, including District of Colombia, is given 3 votes to get started on. The people of each and every state usually do not vote straight for the President, alternatively they political election to tell the electors who also to vote for. (New You are able to Times, 2008) " There are a total of 538 electoral votes ensemble (including the District of Colombia), and a candidate has to have a simple vast majority -270- to win. For most states, the candidate who wins most of votes for the reason that state requires all of it is electors. The sole exceptions are definitely the states of Maine and Nebraska, which in turn split their very own electoral votes in proportion towards the popular vote” (Levin-Waldman, 2012).

Pros- The electoral College permits each declares vote to count, instead of focusing just on states with larger populations.

Cons- In a good democracy, everybody's vote ought to count similarly, but the Electoral College violates this theory by making sure that some householder's vote will be more equal than others. " Under our admittedly complex and convoluted system, a single vote for leader in the express of Wy, for instance, matters for more than just one vote in California. Tiny Wyoming has a inflated quantity of electoral ballots -- three-- because every state is definitely awarded a minimum of three. Washington dc, with a populace of over fofty occasions as huge as Wy, has only a little more than eight moments as many electoral votes. Because of this a political election in Wyoming counts about three times more than a vote in California” (Bates, 2004).

One proposal to modify how the Electoral College performs is the Countrywide Popular Vote bill. This could guarantee the obama administration to the prospect who obtains the most popular have your vote in the whole United States, whilst avoiding effects such as the 2k election exactly where George T....

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