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Rules 2 Professional regulation is definitely government imposed regulation of a complete industry in order to monitor rates and items provided to the public. Industrial regulation exists to avoid overpricing, lack of competition and the overall taking advantage of consumers. The designed impact on the markets is to enhance competition and economic productivity. Industrial control also hopes that monopolies and oligopolies do not control the entire market, charging excessive prices and providing fewer and substandard products, which " causes harm to consumers and society” (McConnell, Brue, Flynn & et al, 2011, pg. 382). These polices reduce the market power of monopolies, therefore enabling entry into the market by competition which then allows for replace products and cost competition. In addition, it reduces the strength of oligopolies and increases industry competition and prevents collusion. The antitrust laws likewise help anti competition and price correcting by not allowing monopolies to develop. Social Regulation is definitely government made restrictions in corporate habit to avoid undesired behavior such as pollution or perhaps dangerous job situations. Cultural regulation is available to protect culture by maintaining less dangerous products, lessening pollution, increasing work conditions and creating greater equality of monetary opportunity, or else considered to improve our life-style. A vast majority of companies and also personnel are affected by interpersonal regulation. Companies are required to not discriminate in hiring procedures, allowing more opportunities to various groups of people including people with disabilities. As well, employers must provide safe working circumstances as proclaiming in OSHA (The Occupational Regulation a few Safety and Health...

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