Cause/Effect Essay: Young Rebellion

 CauseEffect Essay: Teenage Rebellion



Kisha Porcher

September 22, 2010

Sociology within a Global Point of view

Professor Catalina Erwin

Argosy University Online

Re-socialization is the technique of forcing people to conform to the laws of their society. These individuals are usually locked up away from the rest of culture, having the most of their privileges and freedom taken away. Sometimes they are able to make certain liberties, that we as a society ignore, back being a reward to get acceptable habit. People in " total institutions” will be then taught, forced and sometimes defeated or tormented into conformity of the regulation and/or society's idea of all-natural behavior. (Macionis, 1996)

Correctional facilities can be a prime sort of a " total institution” where the personnel set guidelines and screen behavior to ensure the staff can be " radically changing an inmate's persona by properly controlling the environment. ” (Macionis, 1996; Goffman, 1961) " Initially personnel oversee almost all aspects of the day to day practices, which includes where passengers or inmates " consume, sleep and work. ” (p. 91)The inmates will be then, at times, subjected to verbal abuse and in many cases their recreation time is " handled and standardized” to maintain complete control over the them. (p. 91)

Culture believes " re socialization” is important to maintaining order in the world. The supreme goal is to prevent bias, violence and anger toward people who will not fit into the mold culture has created for the world. " Rehabilitation, creating a change in the criminal's frame of mind or methods so that offense is none a ideal or required activity. A requirement of this last target is that both equally an alternative ways of making a living and of satisfying inner needs must be provided. ” (Duffee, 1989; Champion, 1990)

" A lot of existing correctional systems, that in Texas for example , use punishment because the primary operand while others, just like Massachusetts and Connecticut, pressure rehabilitation....

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