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Ecotopia is the name given to an area of land that consists of Northern California, Oregon, and Buenos aires. Ecotopia managed to succeed from your United States and carried with it, a promise penalized self-sufficient in every acts of life. Ecotopia cut off relationships with the United states of america but extended trade by other little nations nevertheless only around the Ecotopia's terms. William Weston is a correspondent sent in the United States, on the diplomatic mission, to hopefully bring the nations closer together so that eventually it might be possible for the two nations around the world to come together in some kind of capacity or another. During Weston's month live in Ecotopia, he records his interactions and other thoughts about Ecotopian contemporary society in his diary. Periodically, Weston sends testimonies back to his editor to keep him up to speed with Weston's daily journeys. In this report I will generally focus on three differences among Ecotopia as well as the United states. Three areas of fascination I will go over are the differences in environmental sustainment, schools, and Prisons. The two United States and Ecotopia manage these three issues extremely differently. Thus differently in fact , that most can be shocked on the level Ecotopia goes to, to achieve a self-sufficient, sustainable culture. Ecotopia is the name given to a place of terrain that involves Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. Ecotopia managed to be successful from the Usa and carried with that, a guarantee of being self-sufficient in all serves of lifestyle. Ecotopia cut-off relations while using United States yet continued control with a few other small nations around the world but only on the Ecotopia's terms. Bill Weston is actually a journalist delivered from the Us, on a diplomatic mission, to hopefully take the nations nearer together to ensure that one day it could be possible for the 2 nations to work together in a few kind of capability or another. During Weston's month stay in Ecotopia, he records his connections and other thoughts about...