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Course Code:

BTC 205

Credit Units: 02

Training course Objectives:

Purpose of this course is to introduce the students to basic principles of graduate level physics which form the basis of most applied science and executive

Course Contents:

Module I: Special Theory of Relativity

Michelson-Morley experiment, Importance of unfavorable result, Inertial & non-inertial frames of reference, Einstein's postulates of Special theory of Relativity, Space-time synchronize system, Relativistic Space Time transformation (Lorentz transformation equation), Transformation of velocity, Addition of velocities, Length contraction and Time dilation, Mass-energy equivalence (Einstein's energy mass relation) & Derivation of Variation of mass with speed,

Module II: Wave Mechanics

Wave molecule duality, De-Broglie matter waves, phase and group speed, Heisenberg uncertainness principle, wave function as well as its physical meaning, Operators, expectation values. Period dependent & time independent Schrödinger say equation at no cost & sure states, sq . well potential (rigid wall), Step potential. Module III: Atomic Physics

Vector atom model, LS and j-j coupling, Zeceman effect (normal & anomalous), Paschen-Bach impact, X-ray spectra and degree of energy diagram, Moseleys Law, Lasers – Einstein coefficients, circumstances for mild amplification, populace inversion, optic pumping, 3 level and four level lasers, He-Ne and Ruby laser, Properties and applications of lasers.

Module IV: Solid Point out Physics

Sommerfield's free electron theory of metals, Fermi energy, Summary of periodic potential & Kronig-Penny model (Qualitative) Band Theory of Shades, Semi-conductors: Intrinsics and Extrinsic Semiconductors, photoconductivity and photovotaics, Basic areas of Superconductivity, Meissner effect.

Learning Outcomes:

Scientific & Computer foundation: Participants will have an ability to apply knowledge of math concepts, science, executive and...

Recommendations: Waves & oscillation, A. P. French

Physics of waves, W. C. Elmore & Meters. A. Heald

Introduction to Electrodynamics, D. J. Griffith

Electrodynamics, Gupta, Kumar & Singh

Optics, A. K. Ghatak

Engineering Physics, Satya Prakash


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