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п»їThink about the following situation and post the responses for the Part A and Part B questions. Acme Asking Enterprises (ACE) is a two year old staffing agency that provides very specialized researchers to research services on a task by project basis. Lately, ACE was approached with a university, for Wilson Bros to find a science tecnistions to join a team trying to insure that Wilson Bros maintains the very best quality assurance courses available in the earth. All of the _ DESIGN scientists happen to be presently out on other agreements, so it is your responsibility to use a new scientist. Management is requesting a scientist with very specific skills. In fact , it has been predicted that there are no more than 100 researchers in Canada while using skill set the organization is seeking. Although difficult, things are heading relatively very well. First, you completed a career analysis and after that you posted a job advertisement and you've received 12-15 responses for the advertisement. Right now, you want to display the job seekers to reduce a applicant pool area down to 3 of the top applicants. You plan to conduct selection interviews with the top rated 3 candidates to make a final hiring decision. Part A:

What are the benefits and disadvantages of using Measured Application Blanks (W. A. B. s) to display screen applicants? (3 marks) Positive aspects:

- easy to use

-- economical

- not considered instrusive

- information presented can also be validated

- good indicator of how successful the employee will be


-- may not be in a position to measure the complexness of the task

- it will require time and money to build up

Precisely what are the advantages and disadvantages of using Biographical Program Blanks (B. I. Bs) to screen applicants? (2 marks) Positive aspects:

- delivers more information about the person's individuality

- indicator of behaviuor on the job


- a few of the questions may be too personal

- answers may well not always be truthful

-- need a big amount of individuals

Would you suggest the use of T. A. B. s and/or B. We. B. t for...