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 Dexter Dissertation

Rashaad Lighty



Professor Varacallo

Exam #2 " Dexter”

1 . ) Some informative instances in the video that show decision theories and trait hypotheses is: 1 when within the beach along with his family and taking family picture when he failed to want to smile yet he made it happen anyway to create his family happy, it was a choice theory. Whenever he could be about to make a eliminate he always be certain he's nice and make sure this individual don't get caught by backside tracking, what a trait theory. He simply kills scammers and people that ought to be killed, this is a choice theory but additionally it is a trait theory because Harry taught him that kind of information and Dexter recognize it. Finally Dexter makes a decision not to destroy the cop in the last event watch in class, it's a choice theory however it is also a trait theory because the person was not a criminal or awful.

2 . ) When Dexter says " I imitation all human being interactions, and i also fake all of them very well” he is just stating that he is good at fitting in with society even when though he is very different and abnormal. Simply by Dexter deciding to fit in society demonstrates this is a selection theory. Dexter clearly doesn't have to do all the things that he does if he encounter virtually any human communications. However he know in the event that he would show almost all his authentic colors or didn't communicate the way this individual do, this individual knew that other might grow suspect about him and risking the opportunity of him getting trapped. This could also be consider as a feature because Harry always taught how he should do the things he carry out to make other folks happy and also to fit in to society to lower his odds of getting caught and living through. 3. ) " An accumulation of learned behaviors bits and pieces, probably I am a fraud” Dexter is usually stating that as he grew up off of one other man behaviors and attributes, not his own. Seeing that Harry got him in and learn that Dexter was abnormal, Harry taught him a trait theory called information-processing theory, in which Dexter store, retrieve, and process different types of information...