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Lumengo McGhee-Houston



Raymud A. Macksond, Insructor

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1 ) What correlating factors play a role in rising rates of teen crimes? Que incluye One of the reason is most child crimes will be rising in such a growing is quite of the juveniles have no composition in the home. Therefore they struggle in the homes where there are no father figure in the child your life. The father hardly ever comes around and so most of the young adults look for the street to be there guide is obviously how to become men/women. Most of the occasions these juveniles are looking at others older adults is selling drugs seeing the quickly life so they try to fit in. these types of juveniles will be carjacking so when they are done joy ridding they only abandon this. They locate other ways to generate a large amount of money they target people in robberies markets liquor retailers, and other retail establishment. The state needs to discover a better way for the child maybe give them on vacation where they don't know anyone and show the juveniles it is a better life style a better way besides selling prescription drugs and slowly destroying people. I really believe if even more single parents start to talk to their children by a young grow older Most of them will listen to their parents. The state of hawaii want need to raise our kids if the parents get some control back in the home. Pro Child should be attempted as an adult they do the crime they should spend on the criminal offense if young people can hold a gun and take advantage of other people by gun stage and consider your car burglary your house after that we should discipline them stop spanking all of them on the palm they are zero better these people an twenty-five -year old- man is out and do precisely the same crime we should stop babying these teenage boys and women therefore they keep continue the same crime when the judge give them a slap for the wrist certainly nothing seem to make them do the proper thing.

2 . How features cybercrime contributed to the overall?

Expert Computer crimes now includes the crimes of theft and vandalism as well as...