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Young adults 'as risk' or young adults 'at risk': Comparing discourses of anti-social behaviour in the uk and Exito

Nathan Hughes

Critical Cultural Policy 2011 31: 388

DOI: 15. 1177/0261018311405011

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College or university of Greater london

Young people ‘as risk' or young people ‘at risk':

Contrasting discourses of anti-social behavior

in England and Victoria


Dominant discourses regarding problems with anti-social behaviour in the uk and Exito, Australia, uncover counterposed points of views; the former placement anti-social behaviour as a problem of regulation and order and action of worries with criminal offenses and victimization, and the second option emphasizing worries with the weeknesses of the criminal. These opposing perspectives undoubtedly give rise to substantially different policies and affluence. In England, a great emphasis on the needs with the victim categorizes the prevention of particular behaviours, whilst interventions in Victoria keep pace with address the needs in the perpetrator which have been seen to contribute to or result from anti-social behaviour. To illustrate this kind of contrast, the paper illustrates the particular associated with these contradictory discourses upon young people, and doing so implies a need to get wary of the effect of resulting approaches on those who could possibly be most vunerable to committing anti-social behaviour, or having their particular behaviour classed as such.

Key phrases:    Australia, comparative, offense, respect, children

In the UK, over the last decade, the term ‘anti-social behaviour' has moved from a political buzzword into common parlance and vernacular. Referred to as Tony Blair's ‘crusade' (Blair, 2004 cited by Squires, 2006), dealing with anti-social actions became central to Fresh Labour plan post-1997. The Anti-Social Conduct Order (and even more so their acronym, ‘the ASBO') relatively gained a universal recognition amongst the British public, unlike that of any other criminal or civil purchase. The political election of the Conservative-Liberal coalition federal government in May 2010 brought an end to 13 years of Fresh Labour government


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H U G L E S — ‘ A H R I S T ' O R ‘ AT L I H K '

in the united kingdom. Inevitably this kind of led to quick and significant changes to lots of the key, range topping policies from the outgoing authorities. One such transform has found the derogation of the ASBO. In announcing this annulation, Home Secretary Theresa Might criticized these kinds of interventions if you are ‘complex and bureaucratic', and so difficult to put in force. Signifying an apparent potential departure via previous tricks of tackling anti-social behaviour, May possibly called for approaches that are ‘rehabilitating and restorative rather than criminalising and coercive' (May, 2010). Given a great apparent hunger for change, it is therefore well-timed to seriously reflect after New Work policy pertaining to anti-social behaviour and to consider the potential for redirection.

A study of six European countries (ADT Europe, 2006, cited

by simply Crawford, 2008) suggests...

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moved from a political buzzword into common parlance and vernacular. Identified as Tony Blair's ‘crusade' (Blair, 2004 cited by Squires,

2006), tackling anti-social actions became central to New Labour

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Essential Social Insurance plan, 0261-0183 information; Vol


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A survey of six European countries (ADT The european countries, 2006, offered

by Crawford, 2008) suggests that this growing public concern with

Political and public involvement in anti-social behavior is also noticeable

outside of Europe, and notably in Australia (Bor et 's., 2004; Intelligent

et approach., 2004; White, 2007). Right now there appears to be benefit, therefore , in

comparing the rationales, discourses and techniques of different jurisdictions in trying to address anti-social behaviour, particularly

As mentioned by Pierson (2003: 80), ‘Britain and Australia happen to be geographically rather distant, although this physical separation is outweighed

by ties of the past, culture, kinship and language'

Doling (1999) offers a useful categorization of comparative social policy

analysis based on the emphasis on ‘context', ‘content' or ‘consequences'.

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