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book and laboriously reading the old historiesbook and laboriously reading the old histories in the Philippines, including those authored by Fr. Chirino, Fr. Lieu noir, Fr. Argensola, Fr. Plasencia, etc . in the considered view, the best.

Within a letter to Blumentritt, old September seventeen, 1888 Rizal said: " Morga's job is an excellent book; it can be said that Morga is known as a modern academic explorer. He does not have superficiality and exaggeration that happen to be found among Spaniards today: he produces very simply, yet one has to read between the lines……”Rizal in London •Rizal lived in Greater london from May well 1888-March 1889

•He selected this English language city to be his fresh home for a few reasons: 1 ) to improve his knowledge about The english language language

2 . to study and annotate Morga's Sucesos in the British art gallery 3. Greater london is a secure place for him to continue his combat against The spanish language tyranny. •In London, he engage on Filipiniana studies

•Completed annotating Morgas's book

•Wrote many articles pertaining to La Fraternidad

•Penned a famous notice to the youthful women of Malolos

•Carried out large correspondence with Blumentritt and relatives •Had a romance with Gertrude Beckett

Trip Across the Atlantic

•The trans-Atlantic voyage of Rizal via New York to Liverpool was obviously a pleasant one particular •He earned many close friends of different nationalities

•He kept entertained them with his marvelous skill with the yoyo as a great offensive system. •Rizal discussed with them the current interpersonal and political problem with the mankind and found them to become inadequate in geo-politics •He arrived in Gatwick, England on, may 24, 1888

Life in London

•On May well 25, 1888 Rizal attended London

•He stayed because guest with the home of Dr . Antonio Ma. Regidor, an relegation of 1872 and a practicing attorney in London •By the end of May, this individual found a modest boarding house

•He was a roomer of the Beckett family were Mr. Beckett, organist in the St . Paul's church •With Mrs. Beckett (his Wife), two sons and four daughters] •The oldest in the...