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D6. The importance of valuing children as an individual is the fact everyone is different and all have different needs. Having the ability to understand the kid's needs may help us to know them because an individual. You could find out a child's requirements by seeing or a doctor giving information about the child's certain needs. From knowing in regards to a child's individual needs can help make sure everyone inside the group posseses an equal option.

One example is if a child has a disability and the kid is in a wheelchair, preparing activities you will have to make sure that everyone in the group can participate, it maybe that the class room setting has to be rearranged hence the child could make full usage of the setting and that the kid could move about more freely. It may also show that the dining tables and activities such the sand/water dish could be built higher hence the child could possibly be included in the activity. If a child has experiencing or visual impairments after that visual and sensory assists such as three dimensional objects, photos and employing signs can help the child. By simply adapting these things the child would then have similar opportunities since the other children.

Another example of seeing children as someone is in which cultural/religious philosophy. These can often prevent the kid from undertaking certain actions such as Holiday activities, therefore other nonreligious activities have to be planned. As being a religious morals don't consume meat, a different lunch menu would need to end up being provided. It is vital that all personnel and experts know about the child's needs to prevent virtually any mistakes. This kind of shows that you understand the child because an individual as you may would need to understand their personal needs to support their religious beliefs.