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Criminological Theories:

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 . Section 2 . Part 3. Part 4. Phase 5. Section 6. Phase 7. Part 8. Phase 9. Part 10. Part 11. Part 12. Summary of Criminological Theory Deterrence and Rationale Choice Theories Neurological Theories Psychological Theories Sociable Learning Theory Social Bonding and Control Theories Labels Theory Interpersonal Disorganization, Anomie, and Stress Theories Issue Theory Marxist and Crucial Theories Feminist Theories Integrating Criminological Ideas 4 7 11 15 18 twenty-two 25 28 32 thirty-five 38 41


Section 1

Summary of Criminological Theory Terms Connection. A concept more applicable to the hard savoir. Does the overall look of Times cause effect Y? In a perfect marriage, the appearance of Times would always cause the result Y. every time the relationship is viewed. Empirical Validity. This is the the very first thing in assessing a theory, and signifies that the theory have been supported by exploration evidence. Ideology. A opinion system and a set of primary values or perhaps philosophy. Within a pure perception, an ideology states or perhaps explains just how things ought to be, and a theory points out how points actually are. Interior Logical Uniformity. A theory needs to be provided in a reasonable manner and also to have obviously stated selections that agree with or do not contradict the other person. Restated, does the theory make logical and consistent impression? Macro. Macro theories of criminal habit explain the " big picture” of crime—crime across the globe or around a culture. They make an effort to answer so why there are different versions in group rates of crime. Additional authors possess used the terms " epidemiology” or perhaps social structural theories. Micro. Micro hypotheses of legal behavior give attention to a small group of offenders or on an individual crime. They will attempt to solution why a lot of people are more likely than others to commit criminal offense. Other creators have utilized the conditions " specific conduct” or perhaps processual theories. Necessary Condition. This means that Times must be present to produce result Y. In the event X can be not present, Y will not occur. Parsimony. This refers to how many propositions, measures, or claims are involved. How uncomplicated is the theory? Policy Significance. If the theory is empirically valid, what solutions are suggested. Probabilistic Causality. A concept more relevant to the cultural sciences. X is more or less likely to cause effect Y. Restated, X has a tendency to cause Con. Scope. Refers to how much or perhaps how most crime or perhaps deviance the idea covers. Enough Condition. Whenever X exists, effect Y will always happen.


Tautology. Circular thinking. If a theory states that greed triggers people to dedicate crime, and then says we understand Jon can be greedy because he committed against the law, it becomes difficult to subject matter the theory towards the scientific process. In this case, you...


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