Corse Essay

International Distribution Obtain Rayannes Style

This contract is prepared for Malaysia

This contract represents an agreement between Rayannes Design and Roszellane Razali for the period of one year commencing around the 30th of June 2011. Both parties consent to the following conditions:

1 . Legal Rights for Control

This contract entitles the assigned supplier for the Rayannes Design Brand this rights in trade for the duration of the agreement

1 . you To trade for Rayannes Design in Malaysia

1 . 2 To all or any trade leads in the country of Malaysia.

1 ) 3 represent Rayannes Design in industry events and fairs 1 . 5 represent Rayannes Design in media pr release

1 . five attain share at cost price for redistribution to permitted wholesalers and retailers

installment payments on your Financial agreement and terms

Economic obligation after the signing as a special distributor

2 . 1 On putting your signature on of contract, pay all outstanding portions payable to Rayannes Design and style. 2 . two Minimum requirements of stock will be modified monthly depending on Monthly reviews. 2 . a few Stock the core Rayannes Design Selection with a the least 40 bits per style per shade. 2 . some Marketing price range to the benefit of RM20 220 while outlined inside the marketing agreement. This budget is valid for 6 months.

3. Advertising plan and implementation

3. you Implement the agreed upon promoting plan coming from Rayannes Design. 3. a couple of All advertising material to be approved by Rayannes Design before launch a few. 3 Survey on promoting activities on a fortnightly basis, and on the completion of a phase

some. Place of Business

four. 1 Warehouse/showroom /office to become located in a medium –high classed suburb zone some. 2 Storage system to hold efficient stock and maintain up-to-date stock documents

5. Credit reporting


5. 1Weekly record should include a diary coming from all meetings with outside sellers 5. 2 An outline of any promotional initiatives that you took part in...


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