Conflict Resolution and Governance in Nepal

 Conflict Resolution and Governance in Nepal Dissertation



Nepal Foundation to get Advance Studies (NEFAS)

In cooperation with

Fredrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Nepal

Conflict Resolution and Governance in Nepal




Part -1 Conflict Resolution in Nepal

1 . Conflict Resolution:

An email on Several Contending Approaches3

Author: Dev Raj Dahal


2 . Towards Issue Transformation in Nepal---Recent Styles in Govt Maoist Dialogue4

Author: Meena Acharya


3. Sociological Perspectives upon Internal Discord

Resolution/Management in Nepal5

Author: Krishna B. Bhattachan


four. Dynamics of continuous Conflict in Nepal a

Geo-political Perspective6

Author: Yubaraj Sangroula


Part -11 Governance in Nepal

1 . Public Policy-making in Nepal7

Author: Hiramani Ghimire


2 . Handling Regional Variation in Development

through Governance Effectiveness8

Publisher: Chakramehr Vajracharya


several. Conflict Resolution through Governance

Effectiveness in Nepal9

Author: Bihari Krishna Shrestha


4. Politics of Hard Choices: In Quest of Economic

Policies and Programs10

Writer: Raghab G. Pant


five. Peace Conversation in the Process of Conflict

Resolution in Nepal11

Creator: Hari Uprety



Nepal provides faced quite a few challenges in governance issues at a crucial time in their history. As it required to consolidate the democratic benefits it has produced over the years, numerous underlying conflicts have demonstrated themselves and opened up deep wounds inside the society. Political instability and weak governance have bred and provided continuity to economic and social inequality, urban/rural disparity and marginalisation of community politics so that it is a huge obstacle for the political sector to handle. The seven year Maoist Peoples' War has been brought to a ceasefire rendering an opportunity to solve these clashes in a relaxing manner. The Maoist peace overture must be capitalized by simply all the personal actors in order that democratic loan consolidation can go ahead on it is normal training course. At the same time, the political sector needs to make itself to never let a politics of confrontation dominate everyday governance tasks. Basically, these issues need to be determined on their own advantage and resolution strategies used. Peace may be the overriding will need of the day. Fresh approaches to governance lay elevating emphasis on ordered transformation rather than chaos, managing of competition and distributional conflicts rather than coercion and enforced consensus and the delivery of open public goods towards the general public instead of deliberate aides of exclusionary impulses. The importance of governance for many growing countries like Nepal is usually, therefore , already enormous, since irresolution of the problems of poverty, inequality and furor offer conditions for combative politics. Nepal needs a effective development, a development that is certainly both just and environmentally friendly. It needs strong democratic institutions and a vibrant civil contemporary society to articulate the full sovereign coin power of people. Is it possible without the market, detrimental society and political functions cooperating together with the state pertaining to collective action? The Nepali state should be enabled to satisfy at least its minimum basic express functions including security, law and purchase and well-being of the people. The campaign of peacefulness, democracy and good governance becomes easy if there is a legitimate bulwark of security based on a unitary legal purchase. Once the institutional capacity for conflict resolution is achieved, governance may have the personal will and capacity for building a modern Nepal, which guarantees a shared future due to the citizens. I really hope, many documents included in this book will be able to address the intricacy of problems faced by simply...

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