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 Compare and contrast the creation myths Essay


Compare the creation myths in the

Tiahuanaco plus the Mayan cultures

T. Mitch Woodall

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Dr . Ambronita Douzart

Compare and contrast the creation myths of the

Tiahuanaco and the Mayan cultures

Two indigenous cultures, though separated by almost a few, 000 miles, have many similarities in their creation myths. Although there is no regarded connection among these two nationalities prior to the creation of these common myths, the likeness has to be recognized. These similarities and the differences are additional discussed beneath and plead with the question, just how were the myths developed and how come? Tiahuanaco Creation Myth

The Tiahuanaco creation myth begins with Master Con Ticci Viracocha appearing from the gap and creating the earth plus the heavens. That's exactly what created pets or animals and a race of giants to fill the planet earth. These animals quickly angered the the almighty and this individual caused a huge flood that killed everybody. Once he was sure his original designs were lifeless, he got his as well as began creating anew. He created pets first and separated all of them into different kinds and different areas and then he began creating man. He shaped them away of rock and painted them, actually including the style of clothes they might wear. He separated them as well and placed them in different locations (Rosenberg, 2011). Mayan Creation Myth

The Mayan creation myth starts with only the sky plus the sea. Not more than that existed other than the skies, the sea as well as the creators. The creators in that case spoke the world into staying much like the Christian creation myth, however in the Mayan myth the makers lived beneath the sea and there were several god. The creators started with the the planet, and after they will created it they deemed it ideal. Then they developed animals, that they also regarded perfect. Nevertheless , they wanted someone to compliment them plus the animals wasn't able to speak, and so they chosen to create a fresh being that might rule above the animals and would reward the makers. They attempted...

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