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 Compare And Contrast Essay Skeleton

п»їCompare/Contrast Essay Outline by Angela Lin Advantages

Introductory Declaration: Why engaged and getting married? Why being single? Let me tell you why. Harnessing Statement (links to central idea): _________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Thesis: As the world is becoming more diverse, people have distinct opinions whether or not to marry or stay single, and contributing to their particular decision would be the amount of money they will used, the freedom they acquire, and the responsibilities they have prove shoulders.

Body Paragraph 1

Topic Sentence: (Thematic Topic) Money, is usually something everyone needs, engaged and getting married or being single equally needs cash, therefore money is a must need. Point A1: More people so more grocery will be need.

Resistant and Justification: If more grocery is necessary, then more money is needed seeing that there are two or more family members, therefore cost of living should go up. Stage B1: Staying single does not mean less money is spent because sometimes eating at restaurants or shop alone will surely cost money too. Proof and Explanation: Most of people are that single is going to eat out because they think eating at home alone will be lonely so they go out to eat a lot and so funds will be put in rapidly too. Point A2: Money can also be an argument in a marriage.

Evidence and Explanation: Money will begin argument/fights since sometimes husband/wife spend too much by themselves properties and this makes each other mad, which tiny small thing can easily just start-up the debate. Point B2: Having every one of the money kept by yourself, may also cause problems just like bank loan, card loan and the like. Proof and Explanation: This shows that becoming single may also cause problems with money because there are no one to read your credit equilibrium, you bank details so that persons might not be capable of controlling themselves via shopping or perhaps buying things. Concluding word:

As a result, the way of handling the...