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Lorraine Monroe, now retired, was the beginning President and CEO of the nonprofit organization, Lorraine Monroe Leadership Company. Dr . Monroe's mission was to design and develop command skills in public areas schools, to which she was successful by simply transforming Frederick Douglass Academy from like a school common in violence, poor presence, and low academic success to a university with excessive test scores and in which 96 percent of the students continued to college. It will take many affective personality traits to become a great leader like Doctor Monroe, however the traits We admire most are her locus of control, emotional brains, and her integrity. Dr . Monroe's positionnement of control allowed her to truly trust in herself and achieve many personal goals such as obtaining a Doctorate Degree and becoming a top school primary. I think that her travel and confidence in her ability to change FDA need to have been incredibly inspiring on her staff members to perform their best in achieving the mission, as well. Nevertheless , inspiring personnel and learners to change all their attitudes could not have been always easy in an intercity school wherever academic achievement ranks low among different socioeconomic priorities. This is where I believe Dr . Monroe's emotional intelligence played a huge role in keeping her followers about task and motivated to obtain her perspective. Lastly, I do believe that Doctor Monroe's ethics was the glue that kept the mission together. Dr . Monroe was looking to do something that most people hardly ever though could be possible, which will required the total effort and participation of students, faculty, parents, and community users. She could not risk losing the trust or drive of her followers when you are dishonest, participating in unethical tendencies, being missing, or doing work for her personal gain. The transformation of FDA was successful because Dr . Monroe encouraged her faculty to become creative and try the euphoric pleasures, higher standards were collection, and college students, as well as, instructors were cared for like in a position...

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