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 Essay on Coca Cola

1 . 0 Introduction

1 . 1 Goal

The purpose of this report is usually to discuss the role and significance of technology in supporting Cocaina cola's source chain. Thus giving a better knowledge of how Cocaina cola uses modern technology to help make its manufcaturing system more efficient. The report also details how information and procedure technology supports the supply sequence of Cocaina cola. Furthermore, it provides all of us with a vivid picture showing how the various measures within the supply chain of a company come about. 1 . 2 Scope

This statement covers the about the Coca cola company. It provides an overview from the company supply chain. This can include the production process in addition to the distribution program. In addition , this illustrates just how information and process technology support the supply chain. In the last part of the report, recommendations are given as to how improvements can be made to help to make Coca cola even more efficient. 1 . 3 Limtiations

During the report several limitations had been encountered. First of all, finding the needed information was obviously a challenge and took a lot of time. Second, meeting additional group member proved to be challenging because of connection break down. Finally, getting all of the parts of the report concurrently took much longer than expected.


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2 . 1 Coca Cola's Products

Coca soda is known intended for producing nonalcoholic beverages. Cocaina cola manfactures a variety of different drinks worldwide. They are famously known for producing fizzy drinks just like Sprite and Fanta. However , they have also branched in manufacturing various types of green teas, coffees and water. For instance , Dasani and Valpri are under types of water in bottles under the Coca cola company. Coca coca-cola began to be offered on a mass and was in demand by its buyers. By the 1970's Coca coca-cola began advertizing its product and in 1993 the popular ‘Always Coca cola' was launched with each ad. Coca soda today is among the biggest refreshment manufacturing sectors in the world. Coca cola operates in more than 200 countries such as India, Portugal, Malaysia and Parts of European countries just to point out a few (Coca cola firm 2012). Cocaina cola provides numerious drink types, these are generally energy refreshments, juices, sodas, sports drinks, water, tea and coffee. Coca diet coke manufactures more than three 1000 beverages worldwide this incorporate beverages just like Minute Maid juices, Lima, Schweppes, Vanilla coke and more. Due to the a large number of health restrictions around the world, Cocaina cola began to manufacture better beverages just like pure Small Maid fresh fruit juices. From orange juice to apple juice and everything among, this popular beverage will come in a variety of forms, including, pulp-free, not-from-concentrate, by concentrate, frosty concentrate, tasting juice combines (The Cocaina cola firm 2012).

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The Cocaina cola organization generally goals its products for all those consumers. However are a few brands that are targeted to specific customers. Due to a few health concerns that had been raised regarding the amount of caffeine in Cocaina cola, the corporation went on to generate a de-caffeinated variation of cola know while Diet Diet coke. This developed new industry of dieticians for the Coca soda industry. Coca cola features various goods for all types of marketplaces. For example , Cocaina cola offers low calorie beverages to look after the health conscious market. The famous Coke no is one of these low calorie bevergaes. To date, Cocaina cola recieve more than 8 hundred low-and no-calorie beverage products, nearly 25 percent of our global stock portfolio. 2

Coca-Cola Zero, available nowadays in more than 130 countries, has been a significant addition to these types of no-calorie drink alternatives (The Coca soda company 2012). Coca is supposed to be served ice cold since it is a rejuvenating beverage. One of the main markets of Coca coca-cola is in warm countries. This guarantees...