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 CLIRIK barite grinding machine, Brite milling mill  Mining Machinery, mining milling plant Available for sale Essay

Inselaffe grinding equipment

Packaging & Delivery of Clirik barite running machine

Presentation Detail: normal container, naked pack or in bulks

Delivery Fine detail: 20 days

Quick Details about barite milling machine

Host to Origin: Shanghai in china China (Mainland)

Brand Name: ClirikModel Number: YGM

Type: High Pressure Suspension Running Mill

Condition: New

Ability (t/h): 0. 1-25

Program: Clirik high pressure suspension milling machine fits processing numerous non-flammable and non-explosive mineral materials with Moh's hardness less than being unfaithful. 3 and moisture beneath 6%. Requirements

Characteristics of grinding machine�

1 . Low consumption

installment payments on your High ability

3. Zero pollution

some. Low cost

Functioning Principle of grinding machine:

In the mainframe of High Pressure Suspension mincing machine, there are strong suspension systems with pressure as high as 1000-1500 kg outfitted on the roller suspender. When ever High Pressure Suspension system Mill works, the roller rotates throughout the principal axis, and clings to band under the a result of the strong spring and eccentricity. The press is definitely 1 . two times of Raymond mill underneath the same press condition, therefore the production is largely increased. When the materials are sent into the grinding holding chamber, they are taken to the space between the roller and ring and get grinded. Then the powdered grinded will probably be blown in separator. The fine natural powder after departed with the air is dismissed through the store as last product. The large-sized natural powder falls back for regrinding. The air will probably be back to the blower intended for repetition with the above method. The left air may come to the handbag filter to get cleaned. When the wear and tear between tool and the band reaches particular degree, modify the length of the strong spring, so to keep the invariable pressure between the roller and the ring, to make sure the stable creation and the fineness. Technical info of barite grinding machine: Type Painting tool Max. feeding size(mm) Outcome (t/h) Benefits of machine(KW)...


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