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 Classroom Observation and Representation Paper

For this school, RDG 537: Curriculum Constr. and Analysis: Reading and Language Disciplines, I had the chance to not only notice but teach a lessons that I created for Mrs. Watson's Class for Little Rascals Daycare and Afterschool System. Throughout this kind of paper Let me reflect on my personal lesson plan experience. Initial, I presented the concept of notification blends for the students. I actually explained to the students that notification blends can be at the beginning, central, or end of a term to make particular sounds. Then i explained to the students that I was going to be educating them starting letter mixes. I continued to explain towards the students that since there were several beginning letter blends that I chose five to train about in the lesson. The blends that we chose had been dr, florida, bl, gl, and ch. I proceeded to go over each beginning letter blend, exhibited the sound every single make and provided many examples for every single letter combination for the scholars. Next, We gave the students an opportunity to take part in the lesson. I organized picture quick recall cards that got different objects on them. The scholars had to increase their hands and show me what the thing was plus the letter mix for that thing. I repeated this process till each pupil in the class had a possibility to get involved. Once we done, I answered any concerns or questions the student had. I noticed that the students had been actively engaged in the lesson and seemed to have really enjoyed. Above all they appeared to have recognized the lesson with ease. Finally, the students received a lower and paste blending worksheet to full. The worksheet had 15 different picture objects and letter mixes on it. The scholars had to color (if they wanted to), cut, and paste the correct picture to its letter blend. After the students done the worksheet we gone over it as being a class. Once again, I clarified any previous questions or concerns and wrapped the lesson. To summarize, this was my own very first time instructing a lesson. I have done several lesson plans before although...