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The Account of Money: Valuation of Investments

1 ) Arthur Andersen did not count on competent and sufficient audit evidence in auditing the valuation declaration related to FOF's natural methods assets. Relating to Sentences. 21 of AU Section 326, being competent, facts must be equally valid and relevant. Evidential matter extracted from independent options outside a great entity delivers greater confidence of dependability for the purposes of an independent review. However , aspects worth considering of the National Resources Fund Account (NRFA) audit were completed by using the records of KRC rather than the fair the true market value. The number that they used may contain problems or even scams. Since FOF had not any means of valuing the property proposed for investment simply by NRFA and did not possess the industry expertise to do so, the numbers obtained were not valid and trusted. Furthermore, Andersen staffers even worked on the two KRC and NRFA audits contemporaneously, which will led to the possible lack of independence. After they found that KRC's income on product sales to FOF were sixty-eight. 2% that have been the highest, in comparison with typical profits upon all sales of almost 36%, Anderson did not go further study to gather more evidence. Their weak specialist judgment resulted in the inadequate evidence.

2 . Added evidence to excercise the Overview of 1968 Sales” may have been the inclusion of valuation and revaluations of properties re-sold. As was later found out, King re-sold a " special inventory” of properties to FOF at money margin of anywhere from 98. 7% to 57%. Interior memos within the company would have been attractive identifying these kinds of situations the moment compiling the " Summary of late 1960s Sales. ” Arthur Andersen had these details available to them but chose to never disclose it to their other client, FOF.

A piece of proof that could include strengthened the of the Overview of late 1960s sales inside the opposite way would have recently been the apportioning of over head and other costs not directly linked to the sales....