Compound Fascination and Cellular phone User

 Compound Interest and Mobile phone User Article

Entire Assessment Problems Cumulative- Practice

1 . At a certain car rinse, 40 even more cars than vans go through on a typical day. If each car pays $12 and each truck pays $16 and the total earned per day is $2244, find the amount of vans that go through the wash.

2 . a) In the Excellent Company, the CEO need to invest in thirty percent more stocks and shares than the CFO. The stocks sell for $10. 20 every single and the total value from the shares owned by the two of them can be $132 549. Find the quantity of shares owned by the CEO.

b) The Fine Provider's total income for the year was three hundred 000. Identify the P/E ratio (price to profits ratio) to get Fine Company, assuming that the CEO and CFO jointly own 5% of the quantity of stocks inside the company. (Remember that price=price per talk about and earnings= profit earned per share)

3. Exactely males: females in the first year in TRSM is 5: 4 this year. If the school got admitted two hundred more men, the proportion would have been 3: 2 . Find the number of students in fact admitted this coming year.

4. a) Solve the system of equations:

b) If you graph both of these lines, what does the solution you located represent?

c) Graph both lines and verify the answer graphically.

5. The next equations signify lines which might be a) parallel b) intersecting c) are the same line. Ring the correct response. 3x-6y = 7


6. It turns out that $1 CAN is worth 0. 63 euros. While i go to The european union and get ready to return to Canada, I have five-hundred Euros left, which I exchange. The person are unable to give me modify and always rounds down to the nearest Canadian dollar, in order to make money. How many Canadian us dollars do I settle? How much earnings does the lady make?

7. Solve intended for x:

8. The next chart signifies a review done in cellphone use as proven. | Cellphone| No Cellphone| Total

Underneath 25| 600| 100|

25 or perhaps over| 260| 320|

Total| | |

If a person is chosen at random coming from those polled, determine the...


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