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_____Kage _Bargeron________​

_________Date: ____9/26/13_______________


: Complete the following worksheet while you are in the laboratory using content articles from the SIRS database.


~Premise (SIRS refers to the basic as the fundamental question)​ - a philosophy is not really a statement of fact;

it is just a debatable assertion with which other people may agree or disagree. Example: The college should offer students with additional choices in the dress code. This is not a fact. Someone can agree or disagree with this assertion.

~Supporting statements​

- help convince you to go along with your assumption.

Example: The amount of students having ISS will decrease in case the dress code weren't so strict.


1 .

2 .




See a SIRS Problems Researcher database (found within the FMS Media Center page). Click on the " My Products” webpage.

Log in using Freedomms (note the two m's). Password patriots. Click on SIRS Knowledge Resource.

Look over the extensive matter list cautiously. Pick a matter of high interest to you or perhaps pick a subject about that you simply want to learn more.

6. Click a topic. A lot of topics have sub-topics. Select the topic or sub-topic you want. 7. You are going to look at the six articles or blog posts on both sides of the concern. 8. Complete the form for every article.

(1). Premise (essential question​

)__ Can the increase in academic cheating be blamed on the amount of pressure students experience to succeed? __________________________________________________ Pro area ____​


_ or perhaps Con area ___​


____ ​


Name of the article​

___________At_Issue: ___Cheating____________________________________ Sum up the article:

Many_kids_in_both_high_school_and_college_have_admitted_to_cheating_at_one_point_in_their_ educational_career. _Is_it_the_pressure_that_makes_kids_cheat_or_is_it_society_convincing_studen ts it_is_ok? _Either_way_we_need_to_pick_our_educational_and_successing_leaders_carefully. Exactly what the promoting statements​

? Expert: _This content shows that current studies 96 percent coming from all high school students publicly stated to have conned at one particular point in their educational profession and 50 % of all scholars have accepted to plagiarizing.

Con: Moral behavior by famous athletes and political figures use dishonest techniques and ideas and indirectly appear to support ‘cheating' to a young age. This is why the rates are incredibly high pertaining to today's junior.

Which powerful techniques were used? Write down thier technique and the exact estimate from the content. 1 . Technique: _​



a. Statement coming from

article: ”​


students_admit_to_having_cheated_at_some_point_in_their_education... ”________ __

2 . Technique: ​


a. Statement from document: ​

__”Some people feel that the examples of unethical habit in society-in business, national politics and sports-that are generally reported inside the media are in the root from the increased cheating among young adults. ”___ several. Technique: ​


a. Statement via article: ​

_”Many colleges have followed honor rules where college students

pledge that they can not cheat and that they will report college students that they observe cheating. ”

Do you believe that the premise? ​


. Did the author of the article convince you? Select one: ​ Mcdougal

of the document convinced me personally that cheating is a huge a significant society and schools.

(2). Premise (essential question​

)_ Can the embrace academic cheating be blamed on the amount of pressure students experience to succeed? ____

Pro area ___​


______ or perhaps Con area _________ ​


Name of the article​

: ___SAT Cheating Scandal: Are Stakes Getting Too High for University Admission? _________

Summarize the content: ​

When it comes to Great Neck, in Ny. A man getting paid to look in and pretend to get someone to consider there evaluation for $1, 500-2, 500. It proves you...